Thursday, 10 March 2011


Today we moved the last few things out our home and tomorrow the tenants move in. Everything we now own would easily fit into a very small room.
Thanks everyone who has helped us out over the last few weeks by buying stuff, taking it away or making good use of it in some way; feeding us as the appliances and gadgets gradually disappeared; offering a place to stay, some words of encouragement or a helpful solution to a problem. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful bunch of friends - PLEASE make sure you stay connected.
We'll be in Perth for about a week, then off to LA via Singapore.


  1. So sad that you have left, but having so much fun with all your stuff.

  2. now a citizen of the world at large rather than just one smaller corner

  3. We're still citizens of Perth for the moment, I'm afraid. Both kids start new jobs in the morning, so we'll make sure they're OK. Big family dinner and send off (as well as Marty's birthday)on Thursday. Maybe after that Terry will contemplate buying some tickets!
    Love the pic Ann & Robin - he's looking well and happy.