Friday, 8 July 2011

Spending Spree/ Sailing Plans

Common Sense is our name, but Spending Spree might be more appropriate at the moment. A few minor repairs and additions need to be made from the survey report ... and then there are the things we've just decided to buy; folding bikes, a new dinghy, new lifejackets, wet weather gear, boots, new head pumps, freezer, flares, compass, binoculars, galley stuff ...  I think we'll end up having to tow some kind of storage container along behind the boat if this continues! That said, good stuff is so affordable here that it's hard to resist. Not only are the prices very reasonable, everyone is keen to make you a special offer, do a deal or give a big discount for cash or multiple purchases. My rather splendid top of the range Musto jacket, for example, retails here for just over $600, but after various discounts it was $345. Recommended retail price in Australia? Between $890 and $1100!
Sailing plans are taking shape, partly in response to the various rules and regulations we're encountering, as well as the weather of course. For example, we had intended to sail north to Boston and Maine in August anyway, but local law stipulates that if you spend more than 90 days in the state of Maryland in a year, you have to pay (a fairly steep) Maryland tax. So we're definitely off to cooler climes - the locals say that August is way too hot and humid here for enjoyable sailing. Back to Annapolis for October, which is the best month and time for the famous boat show, then head south to Florida and the Bahamas. Because of our lack of experience, we'll probably travel the 'boring' way, down the Intra Coastal Waterway. The sea route rounds Cape Hatteras, also known as 'the graveyard of the Atlantic', which sounds somewhat unattractive to me. Next May there is a rally across the Atlantic from the Bahamas to Portugal, which we will probably join.

Marina life is rather lovely, with all sorts of comforts including a good pool and gym, and especially lots of very friendly and generous people. Everyone is happy to share their favourite sailing destinations, restaurants, advice about gear and help with problems, and there are lots of both organised and informal social events. On Sunday we are heading out for our first real cruise, five days to St Michaels and Solomon's Island (NOT the Solomon Islands - that's for later) accompanied by Captain David Renoll from R&R Charters. We thought it was a good idea to source a bit of local expertise as we get to know this beautiful but very complex and busy bay.

Sorry I've been a bit slack with the blogging - life aboard seems to have cured my lifelong insomnia ZZZZ!


  1. Any spending spree sounds like a good spree to me! I hope you got some matching shoes to go with that jacket! :)

  2. I like the way the word 'shoes' in your comment opens into a gigantic ad for about a million shoe shops!

  3. Nice tan your sporting there Carol. Do I have to buy a boat for Robin so he can get some sleep. Stay safe.