Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Elizabeth City to Alligator River, through Albemarle sound

We had heard some fearsome stories about Albemarle Sound and the havoc it can wreak in the wrong conditions, so we read the weather reports very carefully, with constant updates. Today was our window, with light east winds and calm seas, before a change tomorrow. So we were up before 6am and on our way. It was a glorious morning:
An easy run down the Pasquotank River and a perfect run across the Sound with 10 - 12 knot easterlies providing a nice bit of assistance, motoring with just our mainsail out. We decided to pull into the Alligator River Marina just ahead of a swing bridge that we will head through first thing tomorrow. This is the last fuel, water, laundry, beer etc for quite a stretch, so we'll stock up. Sadly we won't be in a position to get to Jane's house for Thanksgiving, so it will probaby be just a shared can of beans and a beer somewhere down the Pungo River. 

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