Monday, 12 March 2012

Late Night Surprise

Guest blogger Terry:
Stepping to the cockpit around 11pm Sunday night, I heard voices coming from the river.  I didn’t hear a motor, which intrigued me.
There was a power boat only a few feet from our stern, one guy on board and another guy in the water, towing it with a dockline he was holding.  
They’d run out of fuel at the beginning of the New River!  This guy had pulled the boat, from the water, up the river the best part of two miles.
Admittedly the tide was with him, which made towing a 26’ boat a little easier.  However, it is dark, the river winds around bends and twists, with cross currents and eddies, and was not warm at all.
I went to help at the ramp and get the tie up squared away.  Then, I thought, this has got to be recorded so I went back to get my camera.  I took these two shots of the boat and the boat owner.
He went off to get his Porsche SUV and I asked the buddy what the guy’s name was.  Bradley Cooper.  Didn’t mean anything to me but the guy said that he’s a famous actor – Hangover, The Wedding Crashers ….  etc etc.
As a matter of pride, he wanted to do the whole swim without having to ring Sea Tow (although there’s no doubt he could afford it.)
It was an amazing effort to pull it off, and he was still laughing and joking when he got the boat on the car.   No sign of fatigue at all.  He was wearing a life jacket, which also shows quite a bit of common sense.
As you can see from photo #1, he is quite fit.  I can’t think of anyone who could do that swim, pulling a 26’ power boat with them and not hitting anything.  Phenomenal!


  1. Yes, he looks very fit! That's some chest and some smile he's sporting. Clearly chuffed with life. :)

  2. Kendal Sutherland12 March 2012 at 16:24

    AHHHHH! Bradley Cooper. I wish I had been there to appreciate it! Mind you, he probably loved that you had no idea who he was.

  3. And I missed all the drama, snoring my face off down in the cabin:(

  4. kendal sutherland18 March 2012 at 05:49

    that is an unforgiveable offence by your husband.

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