Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cataplana and Boatwork(Terry)

This dish is very popular here – it’s an Algarve specialty so that’s no surprise – and most local restaurants have a version.  Some do a chicken version and some do a beef or lamb version but that’s for tourists – it’s always been for fish as this is a fishing coast and they put in all the stuff that didn’t sell.  No different to Bouillabaisse in that sense.

We went to “Piri Piri” restaurant the other night and had it – most of the Lagos versions include their small potatoes cooked in the broth.  They’re in lots of things – I had them in my Lamb Stew Algarve style tonight cut in half and layered around the dish and Carol had them on her mixed fish grill.

Back to the Cataplana.
It’s sometimes called the forerunner of the pressure cooker as it does use the same principle if not the same amount of pressure.  The dishes sell in souvenir shops here for €40+ and are quite nice looking, most in beaten copper.  They are served in restaurants with a flourish and hold a generous amount (they are normally a for-2 price say €25)

Can’t decide if I should continue with the Beer Tour of the World or change it to a Meal Tour of the World.

We went to Jotta-13 Family restaurant tonight.  Jotta is simply Portuguese for the letter J and the 13 was the day it opened, 13th June, 1970.  I had a lamb stew Algarve style which was chunks of lamb in a broth with small halved potatoes around the edge of the bowl – they were a bit crunchy as the dish had been superheated in an oven before serving-€8.50.  Carol had the mixed fish grill special – mixed fish, potatoes, a glass of house red for €6.60.  I had a large beer (500ml) SuperBock for €2.00

A quiet wander around the old town before picking up our bikes and riding back to the boat.  The place is starting to hum a bit as all the Brits arrive for summer hols.  The restaurants mostly look busy and that’s a good thing.

Much boat work being done.  Bluewater Algarve’s Malcolm has been busy servicing the engine and transmission (both fine) and we've all been fixing busted stuff.

We’ll decided to commit to purchasing a new Plotter (Garmin 4010) with an AIS A/B (both receives other ship info and transmits our info – I can already hear the jokes “Common Sense, Common Sense Common Sense – not much of that around any more etc etc”). 

Things on boats being what they are, of course we now need a new radar as well as the old one won’t work with this plotter.  Oh well, it was a pretty useless radar anyways and needed the engine on to start it up (bit like a fridge)

Another €4,500 or so.  Still, we can look at pretty pictures of the reefs we’re about to hit or the harbours we’re about to crash into as it comes with aerial photos!!  Whizzbang or what!

New pump arrived from Ft Lauderdale to fix the airconditioner up.  Portuguese Customs hit us for €63 on a US$108 value – about 70% import duty.  This world is going crazy with its taxation but I sense the seeds of destruction in this approach as the citizens rebel against this.  Another story but I am getting an undercurrent from all the business people / self employed that I meet in every location I go.

The wind has been abysmal – constant 35+knots and very unpleasant.  At least it’s warm.  And I thought WA was windy!

Finishing up a bottle of Vinho do Porto from Quinta & Vineyard Bottlers in Gaia. 20% abv.  Must be good, cost me €4.38.

New beer issue on the way!

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  1. 70% tax? .... Dang. I've got a bunch of stuff to order. How do we avoid that? See you guys in the Med soon. We are hanging out in Gib right now.